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A Brief History of Hammocks

The History of Hammocks Hammocks; you see them everywhere so we often take them for granted but how did hammocks get their start, where did they originate from? Welcome to your brief history of the hammock. Hammock origins Although it’s impossible to know with complete certainty when the first hammock was created, a lot of […]

5 Unique Uses for Hammocks You’ve Never Seen

Hammocks; they’re no big deal right? They’ve been around for over 1000 years and still pretty much look the same. I mean, you just string them up in the back yard and lounge around, right? Well, you know people, they always find crazy uses for everyday things that you wouldn’t expect (take duct tape for […]

THE Hammock Buying Guide

Ah, hammocks… Hammocks offer an escape from the hurried pace of everyday life.  They welcome you to unplug and unwind. Relaxing in a hammock can help relieve that stress and pressure of whatever weighs on your mind and can open you up to the beauty of nature. Lying in a hammock can help to relieve many […]